Nortek - Your tape drive repair and data recovery specialists
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Nortek - Your tape drive repair and data recovery specialists

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Tape Drive Library / Autoloader and Tape Drive Repair

Nortek - Tape Library Repair Nortek - LTO Tape Drive Repair Nortek - DLT Tape Drive Repair

Tape Drive Repair :: Nortek continues to develop state of the art, proprietary procedures to deliver the highest value, most reliable tape drive repair. Nortek services all tape drives, including LTO / ULTRIUM, DLT / SDLT and DAT tape technologies manufactured by IBM, Quantum, HP, StorageTek, Seagate, Tandberg and Exabyte. Contact us for more information, see our service examples for just a few of our offerings.

Data Recovery for your Crashed Hard Disk Drive

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery :: Free Evaluation, No data, No charge Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery for Western Digital, Hitachi, IBM, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Seagate, Maxtor and Quantum. The Nortek Data Recovery Division provides expert service with an unrivalled success rate for both our corporate clients and individual customers - from IDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI hard disk drives installed in your laptop, desktop, raid array to tape cartridges in your corporate server. With 25 years of industry experience in hard drive repair and data recovery, Nortek is uniquely equipped with four class 100 clean rooms to service your hard drive. Highly trained, experienced staff members will manage your account and recover your data while always adhering to our strict quality policy. Contact us for more information, see our data recovery section for details.

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