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- Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery - Free Evaluation - No data, No charge -

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Data Recovery Services for - IBM, Hitachi, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Seagate, Fujitsu, HP, Maxtor, Lenovo, Western Digital

The Nortek Data Recovery Division provides ISO 9001:2008 Certified service with an unrivalled success rate for both our corporate clients and individual customers - from hard disk drives installed in your laptop, desktop, raid array to tape cartridges in your corporate server. With 25 years of industry experience in hard drive repair and data recovery, Nortek is uniquely equipped with four class 100 clean rooms to service your hard drive. Highly trained, experienced staff members will manage your account and recover your data while always adhering to our strict quality policy.

 IBM - Hitachi - Dell - Toshiba - Sony - Seagate - Fujitsu - HP - Maxtor - Lenovo - Western Digital

Nortek is recognized throughout the industry as providing the highest quality data recovery services available anywhere at any cost. We know hard disk drives inside out and have unmatched experience dealing with today's sophisticated storage devices. In some cases, you only get "one shot" at a successful data recovery - you cannot afford anything less than the proven and trusted experts at Nortek. We support laptop, desktop, enterprise and server storage devices regardless of interface type.

Nortek's patented custom built servo writers were designed and built to insure greater accuracy than other commercially available units, they provide a distinct success rate advantage over our competitors during complex data recovery operations.

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 No-Data, No-Charge Data Recovery Services for - Fujitsu, HP, Maxtor, Lenovo, Western Digital, IBM, Hitachi, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Seagate

Priority service available - No-cost estimates - No data, no charge

Do have questions about data recovery? Check out our data recovery FAQ section.Nearly three decades of hard disk re-engineering and re-manufacturing have provided Nortek with the cutting edge tools required to develop the latest in data recovery hardware and software techniques. We also employ time proven recovery procedures utilizing highly trained and experienced personnel with four class 100 clean rooms at their disposal. We have the advantage of drawing on an extensive inventory of hard drive parts for nearly all makes models and interfaces, thus decreasing turnaround times to under 48 hours in many cases.

Emergency recovery services are available for those customers requiring mission critical response in either a full or partial data job.

Ship us your unit for our FREE-NO DATA NO CHARGE initial evaluation (click here for Shipping Information). Ship FedEx overnight today and receive a complete evaluation breakdown and recovery options, including total costs, as early as tomorrow. Data can be recovered and returned in as little as one business day.

HP - Maxtor - Lenovo - Western Digital - IBM - Hitachi - Dell - Toshiba - Sony - Seagate - Fujitsu

Data Recovery Techniques

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Clean Room Data Recovery Services for - Sony, Seagate, Fujitsu, HP, Maxtor, Lenovo, Western Digital, IBM, Hitachi, Dell, ToshibaOur disk drive data recovery services are available for all major operating systems and just about every storage device known. Our highly trained engineers have ample resources available for any data recovery situation, including class 100 clean rooms utilized for any device that requires disassembly**. We often use in house designed and built servo writers with laser positioning for extreme data recovery situations where conventional techniques fall short.

With our massive inventory stocked with all types of fully tested operational storage units allows us to match a unit identical to the device submitted for data recovery. Our identical units can be used for parts if restoration of the original unit is required. They can also be used for exact system replication in cases where configuration is critical and the original unit is not repairable. To achieve a faster turnaround time, we can also return ship a new or refurbished unit (including warranty) with data recovered from the original.

** OEM warranty status remains intact when Nortek performs data recovery. If requested, we can often offer a warranty replacement "in advance" to further simplify your recovery process.

In emergency situations where immediate data recovery is required, specific files or folders recovered can be returned via email or downloaded from our secure FTP site.

Nortek's patented custom built servo writers were designed and built to insure greater accuracy during complex data recovery operations.

Sony - Maxtor - Fujitsu - Western Digital - IBM - Hitachi - Dell - Toshiba - HP - Seagate - Lenovo

Data Recovery Pricing

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Our initial evaluation is NO DATA NO CHARGE. We typically provide a thorough evaluation breakdown and complete list of recovery options, including total costs, within two business days after arrival.

Providing a fixed rate for a data recovery service is difficult. Hard disk data recovery pricing starts at $500 CAD, although it is not uncommon to have a complex and technically challenging data recovery job price out at several thousand dollars. Our service charge is determined by a number of crucial factors: the condition of the unit submitted for Data Recovery, the amount of data to be recovered, the amount of labor required to recover the data, the medium the recovered data is restored to, and how quickly the customer requires their data back. Data Recovery prices may also increase if a unit was improperly serviced prior to our reception.

Failed Windows System Hard Drive Data Recovery for - Hitachi, HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Seagate, HP, Maxtor, Lenovo, Western Digital, FujitsuIf there is a large amount of recovered data, typically the most economical solution is to restore recovered data to a replacement hard drive (the cost of the replacement is extra). To further reduce the total service charge, the customer can include an operational replacement hard drive with the incoming shipment: our data recovery engineers can restore recovered data to the supplied replacement.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, you only pay for exactly what you need: this is why we do not charge a flat rate cost per gigabyte recovered. Remember, we have thousands satisfied customers from literally the four corners of the world. So take a deep breath, relax, and know that your data will be in the best hands.

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Western Digital - Sony - Maxtor - Fujitsu - IBM - Hitachi - Dell - Toshiba - Lenovo - Seagate - HP